Born in Pennsylvania he spent his early years moving from small town to small town. With his mother located in the south and his father in the north it made for a rather eclectic lifestyle including musical interests. With his father, he listened primarily to the classic rock sounds from the 60's, 70's and 80's and with his mother he enjoyed the softer sounds of folk, blue grass and early country music. In the south, there were always instruments being played, songs being sung, and family gatherings with group jam sessions. Up north music was more or less being appreciated and enjoyed nonstop. His love for music grew immensely when he received his first guitar from his mother in middle school and began teaching himself how to play some of his favorite songs. Then even more so when he received his first acoustic at 18, he found a greater love for writing his own chords and lyrics.
His high school years were spent in Orlando, Florida where his father relocated for work. Pete started playing music with some fellow friends and classmates. By the time college came around they formed a band, built a substantial Orlando area following and recorded their first EP. While Pete did enjoy the time spent with his band mates, he needed more. So, he decided it was time to head out on the next big adventure, the west coast. In mid summer 2010 he headed out west. With no place to stay and no definite destination in mind he packed up his car and hit the road for a long cross-country drive.
Now currently living in LA, Pete is a working singer/ songwriter booking shows in the greater Los Angeles area. Pete Roth is currently working on a few recording projects looking to do some major releases in the coming months. Stay tuned!
"Whatever you say you can and cannot do, will happen." -G